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Transition to Practice Online Module: Safety In Healthcare

Posted over 2 years ago by Remy Bruder

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Nursing Policy is pleased to announce the second of three Transition to Practice online modules is now live and available for continuing education units (CEU) free of charge.  Our second module, Safety in Healthcare, describes the importance of safe patient care, offers strategies for engaging patients and families in care processes, and provides critical thinking exercises that allow nurses to practice identifying examples of adverse situations, human factors associated with errors, and safe team practices.  This self-paced online training can be accessed on the Michigan Professional Nursing Development website.The first module, Communication in Healthcare is also available. 

Each training course on the website will aim to provide support for newly licensed nurses transitioning to practice or to licensed nurses transitioning to a new practice setting. The goals of these courses are: 1) to improve retention of new nurses; 2) to improve patient safety by assisting new nurses in transitioning from task orientation to critical thinking; and 3) to increase new nurses’ comfort level with prioritizing care and applying the techniques introduced in their educational programs.

Existing staff, that are not new to nursing, may wish to complete the modules for continuing education credit and refresher training.